Sunday, January 23, 2011

Soak Your Oats!

This is much different than sew your oats thankfully.

I'm always looking for healthy and edible snacks to make for the kids in order to avoid as many things wrapped in plastic as possible. It's a slow process!

I found a website earlier this week with a cracker recipe and I continued to dig around her site since Cooper OK'd the recipe. She has several entries on the idea that one should soak any oats and grains before eating. I appreciate her look at the scientific side of healthy eating (while I appreciate her, I LOVE ALTON BROWN's approach!). Commitment to the idea of soaking your oats and grains has varying support around the internet. She states:

# Grains are seeds.
# Seeds are meant to pass through the system relatively undigested so they can be planted elsewhere (think in nature).
# To make it possible for seeds to pass through undigested, there are some anti-nutrients built in to make them difficult to digest.
# Seeds also need to be preserved until the time is right for sprouting, so they have certain compounds that stop the active enzyme activity of germination.
# These compounds also serve to hinder active enzyme activity in your digestive system.
# “Soaking” whole grains can make them more digestible and help your system obtain all the nutrients in the food.

This sounds good. I wonder if the thought and time it takes (one should soak their oats for 12-24 hours) is worth the benefit it gains.

Tonight I made her granola bar recipe, which she claims when made with soaked and dried oats are better tasting. So you know I'm soaking oats tonight and putting them on the dehydrator tomorrow for a baking fest after the kids go to bed tomorrow night! I'll let you know the results of the comparison...

While you wait, what whole snacks do you feed your kids? Anything that would entice my picky eaters and make my wallet happy?

Also feel free to check out Healthy Recipes at Kitchen Stewardship, she has a lot to offer!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Soaking grains, beans, peas, lentils, etc does improve the nutrients and make them easier to digest. If you do a little research on the denature of proteins you'll understand why. It takes less time to cook and doesn't break down the vital nutrients you need. Allowing them to sprout before eating them is also a huge nutrient benefit. I soak beans 24- 48 hours before cooking and change the water every 12 hours. Ezekiel bread is a great way to improve on breads that you eat as the grains are soaked/sprouted and fermented for the best nutrient rich end product.

  2. Thanks for the info! What exactly does "allowing them to sprout" mean? Literally? I'm glad to hear how long you soak beans, I've tried recipes with dried beans before and they never come out very delicious. I'll try to soak them longer next time. And WHOA that bread looks delicious. Do you make it at home? Can't wait to try it! Happy soaking!

  3. Allowing them to sprout means to allow the bean/pea/lentil - which is a seed - begin to develop. You ill see the 2 halves begin to split and a little tail will begin to bud. That is sprouting - exactly the same as it would if you planted it in the ground to grow more beans/peas/lentils. You can sprout lots of things you eat and it makes them far more healthy to consume.

  4. My husband is going to have a heart attack if you keep telling me all of this cool info...or maybe I'll be saving him from one! Thanks!

  5. Angi, this looks like you are having a conversation with yourself. I am hoping you have another friend named Angi who also spells it with an i at the end. Otherwise, I will start to worry you are umm, losing it. LOL