Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today I revisited some old learnings:
How to get to the local hospital
Where my son's insurance card is hidden
How to calm a kid who is terrified of shots even though he's not getting one
How to run our nebulizer from 3 years ago
How to be nice to the swamped pharmacist when he tells me it will be several hours for the new nebulizer meds to be filled (even though it's sitting right there on the shelf)

And one new one:
If I say it really nice but with a harried eyeball, my husband really can put the dishes away!


  1. Oh my word. Sounds like an ER visit for asthma attack. I hope all is better now.

  2. All is good! He has mild asthma, so we just went to be sure the treatment would take care of the symptoms before Monday rolled around. Thanks!

  3. Glad to hear it wasn't more serious.