Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Just Never Know!

Here's a story that must be told..

I am pumping gas into individual cans today.  There are a million people at the gas station and I can't figure out one of the tops, it's apparently adult proof.  So in an effort to speed it up I say to the good looking, ready to ski, average male at the next pump, "Hey, could I ask you a favor?"  The following is our conversation:

His eyes roll.  "You are the 20th person today to ask me a favor."

Me: Oh, I'm sorry.  No worries.  I don't want to add to your stress.  

Him: I'm not stressed.  It's just your the 20th person to ask today.  

Me:  I guess you look like a helpful guy.  Can you open this gas can?

Him taking the can: 20 people today and not one thank you.

Me: Well I'll appreciate you, I'll pass the word along how helpful you were.

Him: Find me a girlfriend and we'll see.

Me: Ummm I was just trying to speed this up since so many people are here waiting.

Him: Can't you see how this turns?  Look at this, it's righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.

Me: Ummm yeah but with those teeth there that didn't seem to work.  Maybe I was just rushing.  

Him: Oh, yea.  It doesn't work.  He takes it and fiddles.

He mumbles something about a girlfriend again.  
Me:    Here's a thought, don't roll your eyes when someone asks you for help!

Returns the open can, walks away

Me: Thanks a million, I really appreciate it.

Him: Thanks a million?  That's all I get...

Me: Ummm should I be offering you something else???

Him: Buy my ski ticket...mumble mumble

Me: Maybe next time you should say No, I've done all the helping I can do today, so I can't help you.

Him: Yeah, maybe I should say Taco No Inglese.  

He said this several times, and I just agreed with him and hurled myself into my car!

So today I learned you never know who you are standing next to, what kind of day they have already had, and how seriously they are taking the missing relationship in their lives.  YIKES!

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  1. And he wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend? Duh!! LOL I would have wanted badly to point that out to him. Change your attitude,dude, and you might find people enjoy being around you.