Monday, February 28, 2011

What's it called when you mix two great things?

Pepperidge Farms has given my picky eater something to smile about!  

Imagine this:

 Plus this
My youngest found them on a corner shelf at the end of an aisle at Hannaford today.  GOLDFISH SANDWICH BREAD!  They come in whole wheat and white and they look exactly like these smiling goldfish! I looked them up on the internet (Pepperidge Farm's site and I googled around for a bit) and came up with nothing.  Are they new? 

I realize that giving in to kids' whims in the grocery store is a bad habit which is why we don't have "gummies" in our cabinet very often.  BUT if this will get him to eat a sandwich with a smile on his face?  No question, I'm buying it!  Now I'm off to search for PF coupons so I can afford them! 

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