Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How hard is it?

I've learned that it takes a serious amount of commitment and dedication to keep up a blog...especially one that people are interested in reading!  I love to read others' blogs about food, how they live their lives closer to nature and how they are trying to be more self sustainable.  I am inspired by them!

Today I'm also reflecting on emotional exhaustion.  Students at the end of a school year have so much to deal with...
  • the excitement of the upcoming summer
  • the stress of the upcoming summer (will I have friends?  will I have shelter? will I be bored?  will I have enough Xbox games to play?)
  • the crazy interruptions in daily schedules at the end of the year
  • multiple assessments
  • finishing up projects, with time constraints,
  • teacher's excitement of the upcoming summer
  • teacher's stress of the upcoming summer
  • seeing the classroom and school being taken apart piece by piece and stuffed into a box or a walmart bag
  • thinking about missing friends
  • stressing about the transition to next year's grade
  • did I return all my library books?
  • did I pass my math test?
  • what will my report card look like?
  • who will sign my year book?
  • will I get invited to that end of year pool party?
  •  winning Fun Day
  • owing the cafeteria money
Holy Crow, no wonder we are exhausted.  Tomorrow I will make extra efforts to see a bigger picture for my kids, big ones and small ones!

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