Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tricks of the trade...

Some of this may qualify as too much information and definitely not for Weight Watcher purists...for the bravest (and curiousest) of you carry on!

I've been a member of Weight Watchers at Work programs 3 times in the last three years...each time I chuckle with other participants about playing the system.  Like:
*'bulking up' the week before the program starts
*wearing my winter boots and heaviest clothes on the first weigh in and as little as possible on subsequent weigh ins
*eating and drinking as little as possible on weigh in days
It goes on and on really.  None of them show any fidelity to the program or that my eating mentality has reached the level of a true "Life Time Weight Watcher", which is why I keep signing up. 

One time last year I decided to weigh my shoes, normally I just wore whatever I had on for the day because they don't like you to step on the scale with undressed feet.  MY SHOES WEIGHED TWO POUNDS!!!  I was shocked.  You know I carefully chose shoes after that.

I am now a proud and somewhat obsessed owner of a WW scale.  I like to play with it to see how I can effect my weight in ridiculous ways.  "How much does this belt weigh?"  "How much do I weigh before and after an apple?"  Yes, ridiculous I know, but you get the picture. 

Another way some people like to 'play the system' is to be sure to relieve themselves just before weighing in.  "Ahhh, small potatoes," I thought.  NOT TRUE!  I hopped on the scale just as I got out of bed the other day (obsessed), then took care of a little business and hopped back on.  FIVE POUND DIFFERENCE!  I'm not talking about serious business either, just your average overnight business.  Holy crow!

I love the lessons WW teaches about living in a healthy and real way but I love the little science lessons I'm getting along the way too!  Thanks WW!

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  1. This totally made me laugh. And, breathe a sigh of relief that I am not the only one to weigh myself before and after that (ahem) deed. LOL

    So my real question for you is - do the two pound shoes make you look fatter? :)